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CRESA is a line of automatic chain or belt tighteners working in rotation that use the elastic deformation of four cylinders made of natural rubber and lodged inside the hollows which result when two elements with square section are turned 45° one to the other. The maximum angle of torsion that the lever can reach is ±30° from the rest position. The CRESA base elements are manifold so that, apart from being used as chain or belt tensioners, they can also be used as: shock absorbers, decelerators, vibrating elements and supports for net-, carpet- and roller-cleaning scrapers. The CRESA tensioners can be provided with many interface kits: polyethylene sliding blocks, polyethylene pinions and rollers made of zinc plated steel or plastic. The CRESA can be supplied with an electric or inductive travel-end switch that allows to check whether the machine works properly at every moment. In case of excessive chain lengthening or chain breaking, this device activates an acoustic or light signal or, if necessary, stops the plant. The CRESA are also available with a preloading system to facilitate the installation operation.

TECNIDEACIDUE CRESA maintenance-free tensioning of belts and chains.



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  • cresa spanner re10 - re20 - re30
  • Raspadores
  • Tensionador para raspadoores
  • 张紧器
  • Анти-вибрация Монтаж БАЗЫ ДЛЯ ДВИГАТЕЛЕЙ
  • Oscylatory
  • Amortyzatory drgań
  • Uniwersalne elementy oscylacyjne
  • Tensor para rascador de banda
  • Süspansiyon elemanları
  • Gergi sistemleri
  • Salınım elemanları
  • Vibrasyon takozları
  • cresa vib re30- re40- re50
  • tecnideacidue cresa re
  • cresa boomerang tensioner
  • Zawieszenia
  • amortyzatory
  • Cresa spanners
  • bras tendeur
  • drive tensioners
  • cresa vib tensioner re
  • Belt scraper
  • Tecnideacidue cresa vib