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ASSO is an automatic axial chain or belt tightener that works on two columns thrusted by two mechanical springs lodged inside two aluminum bodies which have a square section and are linked one to the other by two zinc plated steel junctions. ASSO can be provided with a large number of interface kits: polyethylene sliding blocks, pinions and rollers made of zinc plated steel or plastic. ASSO is also available in a simple version with only one column. In this solution ASSO gets to be one of the smallest tighteners available on the market. ASSO can be provided with a preloading system to facilitate the installation operations. Thanks to its modular characteristics ASSO lends itself to realize pressure groups, shock absorber platforms or elastic platforms. Thanks to its versatility, ASSO makes it possible to realize special elements with personalized stroke and force of thrust or elements with double slide guide. Within the ASSO production line there is also a range of economical both fixed and manually adjustable tighteners (AH).

TECNIDEACIDUE ASSO maintenance-free belts and chains tensioners.


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  • 3-tendicinghia automatico e manuale
  • 4-tenditore per catena
  • 5-tenditore per cinghia
  • 6-elemento tendicinghia
  • 7-elemento tendicatena
  • 8-elemento tenditore
  • 9-trasmissione a catena
  • 10-trasmissione a cinghia
  • 11-Tiranti per cinghie e catene
  • 12-tendicatene
  • 13-tendicinghie automatici e manuali
  • 14-tenditori per catene
  • 15-tenditore per cinghie
  • 2-tendicatena
  • 1-Tecnidea ci due asso